Regulations - contact form

Rules concerning the use of the Contact Form by the Users 


I. General provisions

These ”Rules concerning the use of the Contact Form by the Users” govern the principles of gratuitous use by Users of the Contact Form available on the website, in order to obtain answers to the question / questions within the thematic scope covered by it. 


II. Definitions

The terms used in these Rules mean:

1. Contact form - the form in which Users of the website place necessary information and data in order to perform the service / implementation of the submitted application.

2. User - a person using the Contact Form within the scope provided for in these Rules.

3. Controller [Administrator] - Katarzyna Gruszka carrying out business activities under the name of Katarzyna Gruszka with its registered office in Kraków (31-006), 3 Grodzka Street, Tax Identification Number [NIP] 5730250798, Statistical Number [REGON] 150933037


III. Defining the rules of Users’ access to the Contact Form

1.  Access to the Contact Form does not depend on the User fulfilling any formalities, in particular, the access does not require the User to register and to log in.

2.  The Controller [Administrator] provides Users with gratuitous  access to the Contact Form for an indefinite period of time.

3.  The Contact Form is used only for correspondence related to the activities of the Controller [Administrator] within the thematic scope specified in it.


IV. Terms of use of the Contact Form and the User’s obligations

1.  In order to use the Contact Form, the User performs activities consisting of:

- filling out the Contact Form by providing the following data and information: name, e-mail address, telephone number, message content,
- confirmation that they have acquainted themselves with the Rules and that they accept all their provisions,
- confirmation that they consent to the processing of personal data in order to draw up and provide answers to the question/(s) and to archive them,
- confirmation of the readiness to be contacted by clicking on the ”Send” link contained in the Contact Form.

2.  The User is obliged to use the Contact Form in accordance with the provisions of law, the provisions of these Rules and good practices.

3.  The User undertakes not to provide false personal data, as well as not to provide personal data of another person without their permission, and not to provide an e-mail address of which they are not the owner. The User bears sole responsibility for the content of the data provided by them, including liability for possible infringement of third party rights.

4.  The User undertakes to acquaint themselves with the changes to these Rules.


V. Liability

1.  The Controller [Administrator] is not responsible for User's decisions taken on the basis of information obtained as a result of using information obtained after filling out the contact form.

2.  The Controller [Administrator] declares that all information obtained by the User via the Contact Form:

- has information value,
- may not be the basis for any claims against the Controller [Administrator]
- The Controller [Administrator]  is not liable for the lack of access to the Contact Form resulting from reasons beyond the control of the Controller [Administrator] or resulting from other technical reasons related to the functioning of the IT system and the website.

3.  The Controller [Administrator]  reserves herself the right to change the provisions of these Rules at any time. The changes come into force at the moment of placing the content of the amended Rules on the website .

4.  The Controller [Administrator]  reserves herself the right to cease entirely to offer the present service at any time, without giving reasons.


VI. Processing of personal data

1.  The Controller [Administrator] of the Users' personal data is Katarzyna Gruszka  carrying out business activities under the name Katarzyna Gruszka with its registered office in Kraków (31-006), 3 Grodzka Street, Tax Identification Number [NIP] 5730250798, Statistical Number [REGON] 150933037. Contact details: e-mail: The Controller processes personal data only in order to provide information which the User asks for.

2.  Providing personal data is voluntary, but necessary to answer an inquiry.

3.  Personal data will be processed for the period necessary to provide a reply and after that period for purposes and for the duration of archiving as well as to the extent required by the provisions of law.

4.  The recipients of personal data will be the entities providing and supporting the Controller's IT systems in order to service the Contact Form as well as entities providing services related to the day-to-day activities of the Controller, pursuant to relevant personal data assignment agreements.

5.  Each person, to the extent resulting from the provisions of law, has the right to access their data and to rectify, delete or limit its processing, the right to object to the processing, the right to transfer data, as well as the right to withdraw consent at any time. Withdrawal of consent does not affect the legality of the processing, which had been carried out on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.

6.  In case of any doubts related to the processing of personal data, each person may ask the Controller [Administrator] for information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, everyone has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body - the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.