§ 1 - Subject matter of the Rules

1. The Rules define the principles concerning the provision of services, including in particular the making and cancelling reservations, dates and methods of payment, methods of confirming reservations and of lodging complaints, collecting personal data of Scharffenberg Apartments’ Clients, check-in and check-out procedures and they describe obligations of both Scharffenberg Apartments and Guests thereof.

2. The individual terms used in these Rules mean:

a) Scharffenberg Apartments – activity consisting in short-term rentals of the  apartments located at 3 Grodzka Street in Krakow, tel. +48 12 307 13 11, e-mail: apartments@scharffenberg.pl - run by Katarzyna Bobilewicz or an entity conducting the very activities or a facility in which the activities are carried out,

b) Guest - a person staying on the premises or in the facility of Scharffenberg Apartments and using the services of Scharffenberg Apartments, as well as persons who book an apartment from a distance,

c) Operator - the operator of an online booking system that operates for and on behalf of Scharffenberg Apartments - Katarzyna Bobilewicz, 3 Grodzka Street, 31-006 Kraków,
Tax Identification Number NIP 573-025-07-98,  REGON 150933037,

d) The day of stay - the period of stay of the Guest at Scharffenberg Apartments starting at 16:00 until 11:00 a.m. the following  day,

e) Apartment booking agreement – an agreement concluded with Scharffenberg Apartments or the Operator, specifying the terms and conditions as well as the scope of using the services of Scharffenberg Apartments,

f) Price list – Annex no. 1 to the Regulations - a summary of the price offer along with prices and fees for respective services or benefits provided by Scharffenberg Apartments - made public and available on the Scharffenberg Apartments’ website,

g) Free cancellation period - the period before the planned date of arrival at Scharffenberg Apartments during which the Guest may cancel / annul the Apartment booking agreement without incurring any expenses in that respect.

h) Brought-in item – an item which is in the apartments’ facility or is outside the facility during the period when the Guest uses the services of Scharffenberg Apartments and which was entrusted to Scharffenberg Apartments or to a person employed thereby or placed in a place designated by Scharffenberg Apartment or intended for that purpose; the brought-in item is also an item which during a short, customarily accepted period preceding or following the Guest's use of Scharffenberg Apartments, was entrusted to Scharffenberg Apartments or to a person employed by them or placed in a place designated by them or intended for that purpose; motor vehicles and items left inside as well as living  animals are not considered to be brought-in items. Scharffenberg Apartments may be liable for them in a capacity of a keeper / custodian, if a separate storage agreement has been concluded in this respect. Scharffenberg Apartments do not run a permanent left-luggage facility and therefore, unless arranged otherwise, it is only the Guest who is required to secure the luggage. 

 3. The Rules and other documents mentioned herein are available for perusal on the following website: www.scharffenberg.pl