§ 3 - Bookings

1. The apartment booking agreement is concluded by phone or via e-mail through the booking form on the website www.scharffenberg.pl with Scharffenberg Apartments, or through an online booking system operated by the Operator or an entity authorized by them. When making a booking, the Guest will be instructed to consent to the processing of personal data by Scharffenberg Apartments or the Operator for the booking and use of Scharffenberg Apartments services.

2. The booking is made by specifying the number of the days of stay, during which the Guest intends to use the services of Scharffenberg Apartments.

3. Bookings may be made in the Returnable rate, whose prices were set out in the Price List. Within the Returnable rate there applies a 2-day free cancellation period counting backwards from the day of the planned arrival inclusive thereof. Scharffenberg Apartments reserve themselves the right to shorten or to extend the period of free cancellation of the booking, while maintaining the information duty towards the Guest.

4. To make a booking it is necessary that the Guest provides security in the form of providing a credit card or a debit card number, cardholder's data, the card’s expiry date and a CVC code as well as the authorization to charge the card’s account, or to make a payment in advance.

5. Upon receipt of the booking request, Scharffenberg Apartments or the Operator send the information concerning the method of making a prepayment by way of an advance payment for the services provided to the e-mail address provided by the Guest. If the payment method by way of a traditional bank transfer has been chosen, Scharffenberg Apartments or Operator send to the e-mail address provided by the Guest a bank account number to which the latter must make a payment amounting to 30% of the price resulting from the price list for the planned stay in the case of a booking within the Returnable rate or to 100% of the price. After the payment of the advance payment is entered to the Scharffenberg Apartments' account, the booking gains the status of the confirmed one, which the Guest who makes the booking is informed immediately about by way of an e-mail send to the e-mail address provided by them.

6. Reservation in the Return rate made directly at Scharffenberg Apartments may be canceled by e-mail, in writing, by phone, via text message, through the website to which a link has been provided in an e-mail informing about the booking confirmation or in person.

7. Booking within the Returnable rate made via the Operator may be canceled only in the manner specified by the Operator, through its agency. 

8. In case the booking made within the Returnable rate has been canceled within less than 2 days before the planned arrival date, the Guest is obliged to pay the entire price for the planned stay. 

9. In the event that the cancellation of the booking made within the Returnable rate has been made in the period longer than 2 days before the day of the planned arrival, the Guest is entitled to a repayment of the prepaid part of the price. Scharffenberg Apartments will make the repayment within 3 business days, in accordance with the Client's instructions or in the manner corresponding to the one in which payment was made.

10. When it comes to bookings made through the Operator, there may be separate booking cancellation policies and separate forms and dates of repayment of charges, as determined by the Operator's internal rules.

11. A change of the booking date is not possible, unless Scharffenberg Apartments agree to the change due to the availability of apartments at a given date. This also applies to the extension of an ongoing stay at the Guest's request.

12. The Guest is liable for the correctness of data provided in the booking form and for correctly specifying the planned date of arrival and departure.