§ 7 - Final provisions

1. Having read and accepted these Rules is the condition for making a booking at Scharffenberg Apartments. 

2. In respect of the liability of Scharffenberg Apartments for the loss or damage to items brought over by the Guest to the apartments, the provisions of Art. 846-849 of the Polish Civil Code apply. If the Guest's items are not placed at the Reception’s deposit, the liability of Scharffenberg Apartments is limited. Scharffenberg Apartments reserve the right to refuse to store money, securities and other valuable items, including in particular valuables and items of scientific or artistic value, if the items threaten the security or are of great value or if they are of considerable size. 

3. In order to secure the payment for the stay, maintenance and services provided to the person using the Scharffenberg Apartments’ services, as well as to secure a claim for reimbursement of expenses incurred for that person - Scharffenberg Apartments have the statutory lien on the items brought it. This right is subject to the law on the lessor’s statutory lien.

4. The law applicable to disputes between Scharffenberg Apartments and the Guest is the Polish law. In the event of a dispute that may not be resolved in an amicable way, a Polish court of law competent for the location of the apartments will be competent.

5. In case of violation of the provisions of these Rules, Scharffenberg Apartments may refuse to continue to provide services to a person violating the Rules. Such a person is obliged to comply immediately with the demands of Scharffenberg Apartments represented by the employees of the facility – to settle the amount due for the services already provided and to pay for any damages caused as well as to leave the apartments’ premises.